Scientific Illustration

What is Scientific Illustration?

The prerogative of scientific illustration is accuracy in depicting scientific subjects. The artist must have immense attention to detail and a genuine passion for exploring it. The use of these illustrations varies from textbooks to museum exhibits to journal articles. In each case, an illustration helps to communicate an idea. The style and medium of the artwork depends on the usage and the preference of the individual or institution requesting it.

Brew Cards

The following illustrations were printed on cardstock as take-home guides for customers new to their respective coffee-brewing devices. The cards were created using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Coffee Diagrams

These coffee-related diagrams present information in a clear, traditional manner that is easily digested. The humorous Neuroanatomy of a Coffee addict was completed via stippling and overlaid with text digitally. The beautiful Coffee Cherry diagram was painted with Photoshop.